Growing Demand of Supply Chain Managers in Canada

supply chain canada

Canada provides the prospering platform for professionals from the Chain Management. In today’s globalized world, there is a need of the fast and accurate shipment of goods and items through various locations. With the introduction of new technology and consumer trends, the challenge of offering timely and accurate delivery of goods has increased the demand to a great extent. The supply chain management deals with the education of flow of goods and items through various locations such as companies and countries.

There is a dire need of below mentioned profiles in Canada;

  1. Supply Managers
  2. Warehouse Managers
  3. Manufacturing Managers
  4. Logistics/ Distribution Management

These professionals earn a good amount of salary that attracts many students from the world to pursue a career in the supply chain management.

The worth of Supply Chain Managers in Canada

The supply chain managers in Canada are in high demand as the supply and manufacturing industry is soaring high day by day. The students or professionals who are well versed with supply chain and system are welcomed and they are offered good salary.

Supply chain labor force across Canada

There are supply chain functions and sub-functions in almost all sectors of the Canadian economy:

  • in 2014, there were approximately 820,364 workers in the supply chain sector labour force within Canada (excluding truck drivers)
  • in March 2012, the number of vacant supply chain positions across Canada was 26,852
  • the anticipated number of new and vacant positions in Canada from 2012 – 2017 will be an additional 65,979 positions/year for a total of 356,747 positions over five years
  • from 2012 – 2017, it is expected that the rate of increase for supply chain employees will increase anywhere from 8.4% for tactical occupations, to 14.9% for managerial occupations

The ten key supply chain occupations are:

  1. Senior Managers – Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation and Construction
  2. Purchasing Managers
  3. Transportation Managers
  4. Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
  5. Supervisors, Recording, Distributing and Scheduling Occupations
  6. Purchasing Agents and Officers
  7. Customs, Ship and Other Brokers
  8. Truck Drivers