Steps to Apply

If you are planning to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa, then you need to follow the step-wise-step systematic process.
Below mentioned are the main steps that you need to follow from beginning till the end of Visa Process.

Get Your Educational Credentials Assessment Done (ECA)

ECA mentions your education’s equivalency with Canadian standard of education.
There are different Canadian assessing bodies ICAS and WES which assesses the educational degrees depending on the field of study.

IELTS Language Test

IELTS (International English Language Testing Standards) is a language proficiency test which is mandatorily required by the government of Canada to check your English Language Ability. IELTS has 4 modules which includes Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. The desired score for the IELTS is CLB 8 and above which means you require

  •  Listening – 8 Points
  •  Reading – 7 Points
  •  Writing – 7 Points
  •  Speaking – 7 Points

Get Your Job Experience Certificates

If your offer and appointment letter doesn’t mentions your KRAs, then you need a letter from the your current/previous organization stating your working hours per day, salary, designation and KRAs with no less than 1year of job experience in the same NOC( Nature of Occupation, refer to CIC website for the same)

Submit Your Express Entry Application Online

Submitting an Express Entry application is an online process. You have to file your application under any of these three streams – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Calculate total CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score)

A Comprehensive Ranking Score gives you a point score based on certain credentials such as age, educational qualification, work experience, English French language ability, etc. The Maximum of points you can earn on the aforementioned credentials are:

  •  Language Skills – 28 points maximum
  •  Educational Qualification – 25 points maximum
  •  Work Experience – 15 points maximum
  •  Arranged Employment – 10 points maximum
  •  Adaptability – 10 points maximum

Apply For Provincial Nomination (Optional)

If the CRS scores are low, client can also apply for a Provincial Nomination Program. Getting a nomination from a province may or may not require you to reside and work in a particular province of Canada.
Also, an extra CRS of 600 points will be awarded to you and as a result, your probability of selection for Canada Permanent Residence visa increases.

Wait for CIC to Conduct Express Entry Draw

After submitting your Express Entry Profile, you will arrive at the Express Entry pool consisting of all other applicants of PR visa to Canada. These all people are like your competitors. The immigration authority of Canada, known by the name CIC conducts regular draws and invites applicants from the pool with highest scores.

Get Selected/ Receive Invitation to Apply (ITA)

After your selection following the Express Entry draw, CIC will issue you an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Within 60 days post receiving ITA, comply with all the documentation and get your Permanent Residence Visa to Canada!

Note: Above mentioned steps are the indicative steps but not in detail. For the detailed session of Canada PR application, Click here to know more.

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