Canada has 16th highest Nomial Per Capita Income ahead of France, United Kingdom, and Russia

Canada has 12th highest ranking in the Human Development Index ahead of Japan, United States and United Kingdom.

Canada's economy is ranked at 10th place ahead of Australia and Switzerland.


Canada has been voted the best country to live in 2019.

Canada's economy is ranked at 10th place ahead of Australia and Switzerland. Only 32% of the population is reportedly Canadian, followed by English, Scottish, French, Irish, along with many others. 4% of Canadian population comprises of Indian ethinicity.

Canada can be your second home as one can work in USA on a flexible TN visa. Being a Canadian citizens not only offer you the voting rights, but you are also entitled to receive all the benefits including social security & free healthcare.

Canada Immigration - Occupations & Salaries

Occupation Salary (CAD)
Nurse & General Physicians 89,000 CAD PA
Electronics Engineers 87,000 CAD PA
Telecommunication Engineers 87,000 CAD PA
Electrical Engineers 87,000 CAD PA
Senior Managers 85,000 CAD PA
Civil Engineers 83,000 CAD PA
HR Professionals 81,000 CAD PA
Chemical & Material Engineers 77,000 CAD PA
IT Professionals 75,000 CAD PA
Industrial Engineers 68,000 CAD PA
Mechanical Engineers 68,000 CAD PA
Production Engineers 68,000 CAD PA
Accountants 66,000 CAD PA
Admin Managers & Supervisors 58,000 CAD PA
School Teachers 53,000 CAD PA
Restaurant Managers & Supervisors 32,000 CAD PA
Chefs & Cooks 32,000 CAD PA

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